I hub primadonna self-belief to reality a rare case that mentally decapitates any trace of being hopeless but also enables happiness to elude me.Simply put,i never lose hope but i am never happy.I don’t even work towards being happy,the pursuit of happiness doesn’t inspire me or drive me but the happiness thing is for another day.I am typing this because my fellow citizens have got me to a port closest to ‘hopeless’ in the last few hours.How did i get here?

Yesterday the man who owned 2016 in Zimbabwe Pastor Evan made a return to his native land and the first beneficiary of his coming back was ANDY MURIDZO whose “days of reckoning” might have been cut short as the attention switched to Pastor Evan.Not to suggest that the man of cloth is anyone’s savior but at one time he helped the nation find its voice.As the news of his return and immediate arrest filtered in i checked into social media to pick the ‘energy’ and while i am always one of the 1st people to share an opinion on such issues i couldn’t post even a non-related status update..I WAS DRAINED.The government policies might disappoint me,but never break me i can survive under whatever condition but what nearly killed my spirit is the amount of smart-dummies with well-packaged fallacies traded in for facts.Like in any story of national relevance jokes will be made that’s now an international norm but what made this unhealthy was that there was actual emotion attached to the rants,it was way past jokes.

The backlash was real,when he left there was an outcry then he comes back and we have another outcry i have a few questions WHAT DOES PASTOR EVAN OWE YOU?You said you wanted him to stay?What help did you give his pregnant wife when he was in jail?He is in police custody right now name one thing you are doing to help him?Why are you mad at a man with a young family to raise that you never gave a coin to?What did your own father do to solve the crisis?Did Pastor Evan take $15 billion with him when he left?Did he run-down industries and made millions jobless then left with his family?Is he the MP you voted for years ago and has never returned to your constituency ever-since?Or he is the guy behind the new design on our roads(potholes)?Lets find something to put on him,maybe he did some cloud-seeding and left us alone for the floods to destroy us then got to U.S.A and sent typhoid?What did he do to YOU?There has to be a reason.

So you tell me your anger is based on the fact that he stood up for a cause,got jailed in the process with charges fast-turning to treason then left and came back months later?How many now-presidents spent years in exile during the struggle?Understand me here,in my entire life i have NEVER hash-tagged “This Flag”my apolitical being is not cheer-leading Pastor Evan he can be a hero,a puppet, an opportunist or the next MP for Avondale i really don’t care what got me hopeless is the energy invested by fellow citizens to question his ‘personal choices’ yet they pass past the Municipality offices everyday and do not dare walk in to ask the people serving in public offices about their plan of action concerning drainage system and potholes.The same cowards that are being molested by vendor-looking cops on roadblocks daily all of a sudden gain courage to raise their voices and bash another civilian for making a choice that safeguarded his family,especially his pregnant wife.

The government does not even need to arrest him now,they just have to let him out so you lil wolves turn your decades of frustration into aggression towards some one who owes you nothing like molested kids who grew up to become pedophiles.The return of Pastor Evan did not tell me anything about him but it said a lot about the citizens of this country  but i refuse to accept that that’s who we are as a people.This is when that primadonna faith kicks in and balances everything inside my soul.Zimbabwe you are better,the way you behaving right now is exactly how “they” want you to behave like.Let me conclude by saying this, EVERY SITUATION IS A MIRROR…IT REFLECTS BACK AT YOU..now look again?Do you like how you look right now?

#TheSoundOfSilence #TheSOS



  1. We put him on top and now we are hanging him…in some sort of way. The government at this stage wont have to do anything to him. They will let him lose and isu we will finish him off….its apalling. We have turned into them….sad.


  2. I haven’t as yet collected my thoughts on the whole issue but I totally understand where you are coming from when you say that Pastor Evan does not owe Zimbabweans anything. I hope, however, that you do not mean that citizens do not have the right to free speech – to criticise or applaud him in as much as he has free speech to criticise those in the government. The basis of argument in your compelling blog is that politicians are the ONLY ones who should be criticised because they are elected by people and also responsible for the state of affairs in Zimbabwe. However, if followed to its logic, your argument is that the actions of private citizens – albeit being public figures – cannot affect politics, the process that determines who gets what, when and how. That may not be entirely correct. Actions of private citizens who choose to be part of the solution that we seek to the current problems definitely affect the prospects of success and the quality of such success. Private citizens who are public figures and leading political movements are almost the equivalent of opposition parties who are not yet in power – especially in a country where opposition is not that vibrant. If the conduct of opposition parties – who may not even have a single government official – can be criticised, then actions of private citizens may not escape the scrutiny of the public eye. Of course, in your words, it is unnecessary to open ‘feeling stations’ about Evan’s return – it is his right as a citizen of Zimbabwe to do so. Nevertheless, in as much as he was applauded for standing up, there should be room for criticism. To say that one should not be criticised because they ‘stood up’ or because the critic ‘is not doing anything themselves’ reeks of Mugabe and war veterans tendencies who refuse to be criticised because they say ‘takaenda kuhondo’. Above all, it is an oversimplification of the issue to say ‘Zimbabweans criticised Evan for leaving and they now criticise him for coming back’. The issue is more deep and nuanced than that.


  3. I just want to say…he doesnt have to owe us a damn thing for us to be upset. That is the price of being in the public eye. We dont necessarily love you forever. This whole ‘but what have you done’ argument is very Zanupf,where your opinion only counts if you shot down a helicopter or whatever. Fact is,i can be the most cowardly person there is,daily pandering to the order,never voted in my life,suck my thumb,chero…if you decide you are a public voice,i can say whatever i like. Else asiyanei nevamwe vasingatukwe muZimbabwe? So no…he doesnt owe us nothing. But that doesnt change jack.


  4. I like your analysis Bro. It’s pregnant with reasoning and critically put forward. Whatever has happened to our nation is pretty worrying and sad to reflect upon. Our values and reasoning capabilities have been sadly corrupted. Mawarire owes Zimbabweans nothing yet we are see ordinary citizens queuing to pummel and molest him. Why? Noone will give you an intelligible retort. The real culprits that have dragged the country into the mess that it’s in surprisigly mock the citizens on a daily basis. We look aside and do not get as agitated at them the same way we are with Evan.


  5. You could not have said this better, I have even blocked off some parts of social media to protect my heart from breaking over what we’ve become…


  6. Really like your piece.. Felt like all the flowery language in the first paragraph was kinda unnecessary though..


  7. Great blog. And you’ve said the whole truth,I hope those who need to hear and understand this get their hands on it.


  8. I concur with you King, as citizens who love their country we shud have learnt valuable lessons from Evan, his bravery was supposed to have encouraged us to stand up against the regime in our little corners. Problem is tinoda kuitirwa zvese tichingoombera maoko


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